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Different fragrances have been in use since ancient times. Wearing fragrances is like wearing an ornament. Fragrances are a sign of purity, freshness, and sophistication. So it has become a part of fashion as well as daily life.

People these days have separate fragrances, one for work, one for home and one for the parties. As the importance of fragrances is increasing, people are buying exclusive and expensive fragrances. So, it has become essential for them to add classy fragrances to their wardrobe.

We know the business of fragrances for woman and men. We have the Knowledge and expertise to recommend a fragrance suiting to your skin acidity and current weather conditions.

Zephora Fragrances sell only the highest quality oils and perfumes inspired by top international brands. Our quality speaks for itself. Things with us are a bit different than usual. We know what we are doing, and we work hard for it.

It took us a long time to understand it. We have already shipped over a million packages and have sold a large number of beauty products including fragrances. Once you order fragrances, men’s or women’s from us, you will understand why we are calling ourselves expert in this matter.

It is essential to know about the top brands selling perfumes in the perfumes business. And, we can assure you that we have the experience and knowledge that will help you to get the best in the market.


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We work hard to ensure a great shopping experience for our clients. We are thriving every day to make the shopping experience easy, enjoyable and satisfying.

With a great selection of popular brands and prices, our top priority is offering excellent customer care. Our Well trained staff are ready to serve you! If you are facing any problems or have any questions, you can either email or call us.

Fragrances advertised are inspired by the original designer fragrances. Zephora Fragrances have no affiliation with the original manufacturers or designers.



We are a fragrance online shop and walk in store based in South Africa. We stock one of the widest ranges of “A” Grade “Inspired by” designer fragrances, among them are the world’s most exclusive and most expensive fragrances. We along with our team of experts have brought the best and favorite perfumes under one online shop.

  • Experience: We are proud to inform you that we have enough experience in this field. So, we will only bring the best for our clients. We know their requirements and needs, and we try to sell them the best in the market. All of the products in our shop is A grade. We sell only the highest quality oils and sprays.
  • Quality: Our team of experts chooses the best oils on the market for our clients. The perfumes have a precisely similar scent like the original one. These perfumes are also long-lasting. So, when you are buying from our online shop, we assure you that you are purchasing the best in the market. Our Fragrance suppliers are among the top 3 best rated in the world!
  • Price: If you are looking for fragrances for sale then you have come to the right place. Along with good quality, we sell our perfumes at an excellent price. So, do not worry about getting ripped off, we have the best in the market at a very affordable price.
  • Variation: If you are into perfumes then you must know that there are hundreds of brands. But, are all the brands worth your money? Of course, not and therefore, we have brought all the best and popular brands under one roof. We sell fragrances for women as well as men. Whether you are looking for perfumes by brands or gender, we have got you covered.
  • Customer care: The last but not the least, we take pride in our customer care. We have the best people to handle our clients. We believe that the customers are the king and we would love to help them in any way with our product. So, if you have any query or question regarding the product you can call or email our customer care service. They are always ready to answer your questions or solve any issues.
  • Guarantee: We have already mentioned that we are not selling the original product but the product we are selling is very near to the original one. The fragrances are attractive and long-lasting. We guarantee you that, you will not get anything less than useful in our shop.
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Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. The “Inspired by” fragrances from Zephora Fragrances have no affiliation with the original manufacturers/designers. Our interpretation of these fragrances is created through chemical analysis and reproduction, and the purpose of this description is to give the customer an idea of scent character, not to mislead or confuse the customer. It is not intended to infringe on the manufacturer’s/designer’s name and/or trademark. We do not represent our “Inspired by” fragrances to be original designer fragrances. Any references to the original brand names by our “Inspired by” fragrance range are made strictly for comparison. We simply ask the consumer to compare the price, style, and quality of the original designer fragrances to the “Inspired by” fragrances from Zephora Fragrances.